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Goodluckbuy 2-Axis GoPro Gimbal for DJI Phantom

void(0)Known for low cost mounts and multi-rotor components, Goodluckbuy is offering this $63 2-axis gimbal for the DJI Phantom. ¬†Purpose built for a GoPro, this pan and tilt gimbal is made from Carbon Fiber and includes an anti-vibration mount. No modifications are needed to your DJI Phantom, but the gimbal does not include servos. Goodluckbuy recommends “3003 9g” servos for this gimbal.

Check it out over at Goodluckbuy.





DJI Phantom Gimbal

Two Axis Goodluckbuy Gimbal for DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom Goodluckbuy gimbal

DJI Phantom Goodluckbuy gimbal


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